Friday, 24 February 2012


Sorry I haven't blogged for a while readers I have been quite poorly. The last two weeks have been about coughing, spluttering, wheezing, snot and my ticker deciding it was missing doing a samba at 240 bpm. I thought ECGs were a distant memory; alas they are not!

I was going to be returning home this weekend, to give my beau a tour of the lovely north incorporating family and friends visits. Unfortunately he has received some tragic news. His step daughter died unexpectedly last week and it's been a roller coaster really. My heart broke a bit as I watched him hurting. He is the most tough, organised and  methodical man I know but as much as he holds it together for his family I can't help see the sadness in his eyes. You will of read previously in my blogs I have took to being a regular Mary Poppins with his two beautiful girls. Well Mary Poppins doesn't really help when I watch him sit down with his girls; tell them he loves them and try to explain everything that is going on. My experience of this is from a relatives room in an emergency department. I hadn't anticipated being so close to a situation like this, but close I am.

He likes to be in charge and finds it hard to let me support him but as I explain that's what a partnership is; I see him struggle. Sometimes in life we need someone just to be there in case we fall, we may never fall but knowing someone is waiting in the wings, well it's a good thing.

I won't be blogging over the next two weeks as I need to have some rest. The funeral is next Thursday. I will be attending. I have no doubt he won't need me as he will be strong but I will be there with his family in my thoughts.

Initially I had only put the song on in memory of Becca but once my beau had read this blog he said about putting the video of Becca on, so here it is.

Speak soon readers and hug the ones you love.