Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Happy Birthday to Meeeee!!

Good afternoon readers! It may seem a self indulgent blogging on my birthday but its about a celebration of friends rather than a celebration of me.
Today is my actual birthday and despite opening a birthday card that states " Happy 40th Birthday"; I am not 40. I am not telling you how old I am as I feel I am now at that age where I can start lying. So today I  have turned 40! I never thought age would matter but somehow it does. I had a recent conversation with an anaesthetist who was convinced once a woman was over 40 then things change. Like what??!! He couldn't answer; perhaps because my facial expression said you answer this question and you will  be surgically removing an endo tracheal tube.. and not from your gob! I put that down to the fact he had sniffed too much gas over the years. For those of you who know what peer group of anaesthetists I have;  its not the beautiful Dan as he is too beautiful.

So today I was going to have a whole day to myself catching up on my Columbo and eating cheesy puffs. No such luck! The beau's eldest returned home requesting scrambled egg and to watch a movie. I can't complain as over the last month apparently I am the evil girlfriend of her father. Children are fickle, now she wants to watch a film in my presence. That's a good birthday present in itself. She asked for a pen to write my birthday card. So I got one, so I am happy.

The beau forgot it was my birthday today and only realised when his sister popped over with my pressie. He informed me he hadn't had time to get a card and was very busy. Again I can't whinge as he threw me the most wonderful birthday party on Saturday.

Why was it wonderful well it was a commingled party of Jersey and UK friends. It was very magical,  feeling so settled that UK was meeting Jersey. I never thought I would get here but here I am. Music was provided by the most amazing Tony Gardener whose dulcet tones could warm your cockles. He does a fantastic swing interpretation of The Cure's Love Cat.


Catering was provided by Heavens to Betsie. I couldn't of asked for better quality food. Kerry, Faye and Francis surpassed what I was expecting. There was lots of licking of lips and satisfied tummy's.
Those that know me are aware how much I adore vintage, so the cute little van that did my catering was just the ticket.

Thank you for all my wonderful pressies and for your wonderful company. It made it very special and I didn't cry once. To show how special it was I made a little video. I think it sums up how "Happy" the evening was.