Thursday, 21 February 2013

I love Easter eggs me! Do they come in muller light flavours?

So Easter is round the corner. One of my favourite times of year not just because I am a fan of baby Jesus but because I love Easter Eggs. Every year I like to treat myself to an Egg with my name on it. Ridiculous I know . As a child I didn't know eggs had things inside them because my mother concerned with how much chocolate we got as children used to remove the innards. Imagine my surprise as I was older opening one to find it had stuff in them. So I think from then on I became obsessed with having one of my very own with my name on it. You would think I would grow out of it but unfortunately I haven't. I say unfortunately because I am now on Slimming World. Its a shame there is no class here as I liked going to class. Not the little Britain one with the odd women but slimming world class. There is so much you can do with a scan bran you know!!
I have a wedding to attend in Vegas in June so I have to get skinnier for that well slightly smaller would be a start. I have put the beau on it too. After our debauched night on Friday where he fell in a bin and it took me 30 minutes to get him out I thought you too can benefit from slimming world buster! All I could see were legs sticking out and him shouting "I'm big aren't I ".

As he is a staunch meat eater, he is embracing quorn not because he likes it but because he does adopt a "anything for you darling" methodology.
He is such a meat eater that someone remarked "you look like a meat eater." What on earth does that mean? I never envisaged him to look like Lady Gaga but I do get their point. I think some blokes just look like they eat Desperate Dan cow pies. He is one of them.

Valentine's night was spent doing homework and washing dirty P.E kits. Not the most romantic evening but I suppose normality. The beau sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers to work. I think he had concentrated on getting me some really lovely ones as he knew two days later he would be shouting "I'm big aren't I ?" from a bin.  I shouldn't grumble as Saturday night was spent at two balls. The Heart Association ball then the Diabetes one. I had double booked myself and promised I would go to both. I think I might be turning into one of those charity Mrs Bouquet types. As I am currently one of those self righteous slimming types "Oooh I can't have that I am on a diet"; I didn't have a hangover the next day. I did have ruddy sore hips though as I had spent the night Salsa-ing with a junior doctor. I must remind myself I am not in my 20's and its been a while since I did the salsa or even a junior doctor..(titters). It was exceptional fun though. Anyway it will limber me up for my new found exercise class Hoola hooping. After the first week I thought ruddy hell this is hard work. I am a superb neck hoola hooper but it doesn't seem to like sitting round my midriff. My teacher keeps saying keep at it you have all the spirit for it. I am not sure if that's like telling someone they look like a meat eater! Well after week one of slimming world and hoola hooping I am 6lbs lighter so something is working. The bear is 2lbs lighter to which is daughter remarked "never mind daddy as Tesco says every little helps". Well at least it will take me only 28 minutes next time to retrieve him from the bin!! 
Right readers I am off to watch The Great British menu whilst eating a Muller light!