Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The start to the year!

Well I have just dragged my tree out on to my decking, well the beau has; hopefully it won't still be there in March. So that signifies the start to a new year. Baby Jesus from the nativity that apparently looks posh because he has a gold nappy on and a hair style that looks like he has just come out of the salon (quote from the beau's youngest) is now safely in bubble wrap and put away in the loft.

Back to work tomorrow and I should be refreshed so why do I feel like I need a holiday? Christmas has been very hectic, rewarding but hectic. There is something comforting about children at Christmas even if they no longer believe in Santa, they still get giddy and embrace the spirit of Christmas. I think the reason I need a holiday was  perhaps because I over did it. Oi! not because I drank too much (those days are behind me, remember?), but because I felt had to go all traditional at the festive season.

When I was with my ex we always spent Christmas away from home.  Times I will truly treasure. Lovely Christmas Eves sitting in the old square in Prague or in a Pagoda in Portmeirion drinking something sparkly.

I am glad I have those memories, not as Elaine Page would feel though "All alone in the moonlight I can smile at the old days".
Things are very different to those times as I have family. Yes I know I have my sister and my mum and I missed them terribly this year. I thought I had got past homesickness but just shows you  never do completely. Gawd right I am rambling, what I am trying to say was Christmas was a family occasion. I had roasted 3 ruddy meats.. yes I say 3 and made a yule log, Christmas cake and mince pies. The beau just kept shaking his head saying "whats wrong with Marks and Spencer's.. you are making lots of work for yourself?"
This is very true whilst rolling the log in a tea towel  I did think "I wish I had gone to M & S". However watching the excitement on the beau's youngest daughter's face; well that's what is rewarding. Remember readers as the non biological parent you feel you have to go  that little bit further? I am already looking for Easter egg moulds!  

New Year's Eve was very quiet. We were going to have a party but due to the high volume of sickness we cancelled it. I have to say spending a hectic day  taking the beau's daughter to the ED with a broken arm from ice skating; the thought of going home and making blinis, ensuring the bathroom was clean and creating a festive atmosphere well,  I was sort of glad it had to be called off. I think its the first year I have been in bed before 1AM, well excluding being a child that is. As boring as this sounds I was pleased when I woke up the next morning, no hangover , no mess , no aching feet. Dear Lord I sound ancient! What is happening to me? Is this the start of things to come?  Looks over and spies the tequila bottle sitting invitingly on the kitchen work top. Then looks right at the school uniforms waiting to be ironed for tomorrow. uniforms.. tequila ... school uniforms... God dammit!!!

Right well I have to go iron some school uniforms ( the piccy is by K Von Meow) so I will bid you farewell readers. May 2013 be full of adventure, wonder and good surprises. If however it is not I wish you the strength to get through it.

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