Thursday, 2 February 2017

The next chapter:Moving forward.

So here I am blogging again. The tag line of this blog entitled "A Northern girl's account of starting a new life" seems a distant memory as I have been here 6 years.

However I find myself starting a different aspect of a " new life". A new life of marriage so it still seems applicable. Has anything changed? Well a little; I like saying husband and its evident something seems different for Alice. Apparently its easier to buy cards for me now as she felt "someone special" cards were a little limiting. It also means I am not going anywhere which is reassuring.

Andrew has 2 children and I love them both equally but  Alice lives with us, I am more responsible for her and its a fantastic journey. As she grows so do I. I never thought that first month of my challenging Jersey journey I would be a married parent, but here I am.

So our journey so far is as hilarious as ever. Andrew and I are very much on the same page. 3 weeks of a chucklesome honeymoon reinforces that. We never stopped laughing,

We got fatter but laughed none the less. After 6 weeks of marriage standing in front of the bedroom mirror like a naked teletubby, (Don't worry there isn't a picture)  I ask him "have we let ourselves go already?" His response is priceless as he stands next to me, both now like naked teletubby bookends. "Well we are fatter, but we have the rest of our life to get hotter". Its hard to be hot when you are laughing hard and all your teletubby bits and bobs jangle about. Its true though, we do have the rest of our lives but I am setting a 2 year completion date.  Don't want all that effort  last year to go to waste! So chickpea bulk buy awaits!

I didn't make new years resolutions as I never keep them. De teletubbying is about a life change not a resolution. If I was to change or complete something in 2017 it  is my book. Yup I am writing it. Its the most ridiculous thing I have ever read and certainly won't be winning the Man Booker prize. I write a bit put it down, then write a bit more. I don't seem to move forward with it because I pick it up to continue writing and I read it and think "this is ridiculous". However I like it, I like ridiculous. Without ridiculous I think adversity would be much harder to manage. When finished I am not even bothered if anyone reads it. It probably won't make any sense to anyone but its very cathartic for me. If it is ever read by anyone and they laugh, then that's all a person could want. So halfway through writing it, a year to complete it and 2 years to de teletubby; I would say that's the next chapter indeed!

So readers perhaps start your own chapter.


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