Sunday, 9 October 2011

Come Dine With Me

Well I am nearly caught up on blogging and I returned back to Jersey yesterday. I am quite tired as I ordered breakfast in my room yesterday morning so I could  lie in and watch the rugby. Getting up too early and eating a poached egg is quite knackering. Oooh I am such a Diva. Anyhoo as some of you will know we are out of the world cup, possibly because we don't know how to keep hold of a ball. My heart sank until I realised that Phil Vickery is through to the semi finals in masterchef. Yes I know he has the worst cauliflower ears, but come on with a name like Raging Bull, what girl wouldn't get a loin stir?

So I am still following the rugby but I am now routing for Phil on masterchef, rugby and food what a lovely fantasy combination. This principle does not apply to the boob jiggler known as Mike Tindall. Queenie is so going to ground him. Anyhoo I digress. I just love masterchef and thank god I can watch BBC i on my lappy. However its not my most favourite culinary show. Come dine with me is the god of them all. I know its less culinary and more oddbods, but I just adore them and cooking oddbods is a winning combination. A bit like rugby players and masterchef. The reason I like it is quite simply Dave lamb the commentator and his dry wit. Its a tonic for the worst misery. Most of you will know that most of my adult life has been spent in Preston, although I am not originally from there. Imagine my delight when come dine with me or CDWM to fans filmed an episode in Preston.

I have copied the link from my most favourite Prestonian, Bernard for you as you really need to watch him. Its quite cringe worthy in parts but it amuses me none the less

So here in Jersey my colleagues and I decided to do come dine with me a much classier version of course than Bernard.. Some time ago I wrote about an Indian feast fit for a Maharaja. That was episode one and went down a storm. Episode two was last night and was just lovely. Entertainment wasn't supplied by a half naked butler or wearing fancy dress or even some wailing wannabe singer. Oh I have to retract that last bit as X Factor was the entertainment. Seeing Johnny Robinson in a bacofoil mac was hilarious. Video below for your delight.

The highlight for me was the effort our host had put into the most girlie cheesecake ever. Baileys infused, coloured pink with glitter on and heart shaped was the most adorable thing ever. A bit like her really. She can make a faux pas and get away with it because she is so adorable. So hearing her tell her friend on the phone "they are just having a hot drink and going", I can't remember getting my coat, but these youngsters need to be out clubbing on a Saturday night. So once fed we dropped her off to strut her stuff. Her cheesecake sagged a little but it was just scrummy and seeing her little face when she put it out on the table was just priceless. I love those girlie dinners when you just talk forever with a few bottles of wine. Although on the way home the party appeared to continue when I am sure passing people may of thought there was a wild orgy going on at the traffic lights. My pals are Zumba mad they just can't help themselves when they hear the beat. Vigorous dancing in the car made it wobble like a weeble. Stop, Drop and Pause was the echoing mantra, of course I would of joined in but I had two pieces of cheesecake to digest so I just ignorantly texted whilst being rocked to abandonment. So the evening was a success and I am looking forward to my next come dine with me event.

I am not sure if my girlie chat roulette night counts for my episode so may have to repeat an event. I could suggest my party is my come dine with me night but then my pal's husband is doing the cooking. Menu below, how fab is that! Maybe if I shove x factor on in the corner on my lappy I could get away with it as being a come dine with me affair. OK, OK, I will do a proper night and not pretend I can sushi roll.

Its too ruddy big to fit, ah well it deserves a bigger coverage!

Well that's next weekends events, so no doubt I will have a tale to tell. Meanwhile this cleaning isn't going to get done by itself. I am trying to excite myself with my new pink, extendable pole furry thingy. Oh hang on retract retract that doesn't sound right!
Maybe just one more episode of masterchef then I will get cracking. Someone has to cheer on Raging Bull.


  1. Oi Oi don't like fish Missus !!! ;)

  2. oooh who remarked that and anyway I had Veggie so ner ...sticks tongue out :-)