Friday, 9 December 2011

Spandex, Tequila and the Pimp makes for a good party

I am supposed to be going to another work's Christmas do this evening but I am a tad poorly. As I write this I am drinking peppermint tea trying to make myself better. I am not sure if I will get there but operation recovery is under way. The theme this evening is Abba which is quite the contrast to my first Christmas party last week.

I gatecrashed at the last minute as the department whose do it was have been super lovely to me since I set foot on Jersey soil. I thought it might be fun and indeed it was. It was held in quite a small little restaurant which seemed to have an intimate ambiance that was until the waiters gave out the most ridiculous hats. Honestly how on earth does a Mexican hat compliment a rather sexy expensive party dress? Well not one to party poop I adorned the hat as looking to my left and seeing my pal looking like a cross between a pimp and a Caucasian huggy bear; I felt I had the better deal. All that was missing was a stick and a fur coat. I have always been a huge fan of Seinfeld and  in particular Kramer. Looking at my pal reminded me of this clip I thought I would share with you readers.

Anyhoo I digress, as the evening progressed and more tequila was slammed, the evening became amusing. Excluding the bit where the owner in tight gold spandex gyrated past with an elephant trunk strapped to his nethers. It was a touch Blackpool pier but tequila shots seem to make a blur and everything is apparently funny. Dancing and more shots carried me through to 1 AM, without the lubrication I think I might of gone all Victorian and thought " elephant trunk. how ghastly ! "  One of the party is a chap who is considerably younger than me and one who I have a soft spot for in an older sister kind of way. Seeing his excitement of wearing a rubber snake all evening round his neck just made me feel "awwww" He was happy so that made me happy too. Maybe it was that which made me happy or it could of been the waiters in tight pants who squirted alcohol in your mouth from what appeared to be a recycled toilet duck bottle. I must of been under the influence as I would of been quite snobby to indulge in such an exercise, but indulge I did!

For those that have known me for a very long time will recall the numerous post work Christmas do parties I used to have at my house. I like the post do party however I am not sure if spinning round and round in a circle on your tod to Candi Staton's You've got the love constitutes a party. Pimpy decided to invite people back for a post party but the poorly's left and I stayed having a memory lane trip of music I danced to like a nutter as a student nurse. He is easy going so let me indulge in repeatedly poking his iPad looking for memory music. Some tunes just evoke strong memories for me and one memory is  that song. Suddenly I am transported to being 19 dancing all over the floor of Manhattan Heights. God I loved those years of my life.

As my 19 year old self was once told "Renebell you most deffo have the love". So for those that remember those days I am dedicating this song to you. Yes Florence and the Machine I like but in essence she murdered it.

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