Saturday, 28 January 2012

Beauty and the quizzers

Hello readers, this post is in two halves really, but come together in the middle, in essence its a renebell night out.

I have become a regular quizzer! Wednesday nights are all about the team. When I was back in England I was never one for organised activity especially quizzes. When I think of quizzers I always think of Steve Coogan. For those not old enough to remember Coogan's Run I have enclosed a clip. 

There has been a pause in my writing as I got distracted and had to watch the whole episode, then I had to compose myself as my ribs hurt from laughing too much!

Quiz type people I always thought were a bit like Guy and Stuart Crump, but here I am in a team called "Hunt the Brain Cell". Occasionally when the boys are feeling rebellious they call us "Inter rimming". I am glad we don't win when we are called that as I think for shame I wouldn't collect my prize of a free round of drinks when "Inter rimming" is shouted! Fortunately we were "Hunt the brain cell" when we won on Wednesday. I love the pub too, traditional ale pub with all walks of life supping. There are so many fancy wine bars in Jersey but you can't beat the Lamplighter for a cosy pub quiz night. Fortunately we have experts in geography, film, music, sport and even a chemist nut. I am the only clinician on the team and know nothing about the before mentioned categories so I always pray that the science and nature round will have a few  "What are the bones in the arm called?"  Sadly there weren't any body questions this week but I pulled it out the bag when "How many sets of teeth do mammals have?" 2 if you are interested! 

I met my colleague's pals later that evening and I promised I would blog about it. To say my RO  is stunning is an understatement fortunately I am too (coughs) so we are a stunning duo. Her pals are equally beautiful. All fancy they were and at an average standing of  5ft 10 between them , I was a Pygmy. Thing was I was in quiz clothes I don't mean a blonde bob and a green parker but had my shoes been any flatter they would of been flip flops. My beau was also in the bar on a business dinner and he isn't a midget and I had taken my quiz pal who must be at least 6ft 4. However what I lack in height I make up in witty repartee and it was indeed a funny evening with far too much alcohol involved. I have no doubt one of my RO's pals who was every inch the yummy mummy was glad she wasn't drinking, as she watched the chat entwine. 

One of the girls apparently is very much like the headline shown in this paper. She is so like this headline that this particular photograph was taken that night as she had this article with her. Its not referring to eating, drugs sex or rock and roll but more like the ability to be like Denise Welch. Not as a loose woman or adulterer but as the big brother flasher. I have to say, I am glad I didn't get that pleasure. They were all very lovely, the yummy mummy, Denise and the stunning Keira Nightly lookalike.
That is one thing I do love about living here the constant meeting of new people. My little friendship ring is expanding all the time, with all different variables. So weekend is here, which is much more low key, maybe a trip to my allotment for Sunday dinner's veg.       

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