Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Good Life

When I was a little girl I had a cress head. I loved that cress head, growing his hair, giving him a trim, but the thing I liked about him the most was that it was something I had grown all on my own. I didn't really appreciate I was supposed to eat him. It just felt barbaric. The shame was, had I appreciated that fact; he wouldn't of rotted away to nothing resulting  in a pair of tights stuffed with a wonky smiley face sitting in his place.

The bug of eating what you grow has never really left me and I have continued to do so. Peppers on the kitchen window sill, tomatoes in my hanging baskets and of course every growers beginning, herbs. If I had the time I would like to be self sufficient, as a vegetarian its possible. However I appear to keep dating meat eaters and I don't mean just chicken. Full blooded meat chomping men! So I have to have some meat in my repertoire. That's where my self sufficiency stops. Yes I agree meat is for eating I just couldn't kill anything. I even have issues with removing spiders as I won't bring them to their end.

I would love to be the new Barbara Good but for that I would have to be driven bonkers by a Tom. So where is this going readers? I have joined a allotment syndicate and today was my first day. It was freezing and windy and I was dirty. Not to mention the stress of trying to find a pair of pantaloons that don't look like they have been sprayed on, (caving flashback). However it was such fun. Planting rows of Jersey Royals, pulling up veg, sorting trenches. It would appear I am quite rubbish at trenches, my pal can't do potato pyramids but fortunately our other pal can do a mighty spud pyramid. There is absolutely nothing missing from this allotment it's a menagerie of vegetative matter. It's so famous it had its own spot on country file. I have popped in a clip from my allotment. Its 14 minutes long so if you scoot to 6 minutes you will see it. Already I am bursting with pride!

I wish I had been around then as one has to say Matt Baker is a touch lovely. I retract that I was there today in a Helly Hansen jacket, my pantaloons and boots which isn't really fitting for a flirting outfit.

So a couple of hours later we were sitting eating the banana cake I had baked, supping tea and looking at the fruits of our labour. I haven't met all the people in the gang yet, but looking out over the allotment you can tell they are troopers.

Well I am off readers. I have a leek, some purple sprouting broccoli and a beetroot to prepare for dinner. As  Barbara once said  "I haven't caught you indulging in some private fetish have I"? Yes its possible growing vegetables may actually be my new fetish.  Move over Columbo you may be out of luck!


  1. Thank you for the comment earlier. I hope you noticed that you were nominated too?

  2. I did B and was quite surprised. well done you for winning xx

  3. And to you too! Not sure if you want to put it up on your website, but Im looking forward to reading your 7 random things :) xx have actually already won it!