Monday, 29 August 2011

Everyone loves a banker!

Happy bank holiday readers! I know some of you don't get such a luxury due to living in countries that don't subscribe to the bank holiday, so my sympathies are with you.
My weekend was going to be about catching up on home jobs and relaxing, errr, hmmnn well I have done about 25% of that. I need to learn the word no, I have things to do, but its too much fun to be out having a ball. This weekend was no exception.

Most people know that I write this blog, that a saying has developed. "Blog it!" Singing like a virgin on a stage last night called for people to shout "blog it". There is also the other side of the coin, where friends say don't you dare blog it. Of course I don't and always adhere to some level of appropriate conduct. This blog is about my journey, here in Jersey. Yes, some of you are sharing the ride, but I keep you anonymous.

For those that follow this blog, you will be aware of the early drinking phenomenon I am practicing. There is something great about being in the pub on a Friday after an arduous weeks work. I set out with good intentions and told myself that I was going to have a couple and if I was going to stay out I had to eat. Do scampi fries constitute eating?
Ooooh scampi fries now if there was ever a socially unacceptable snack, the scampi fry would be it. I love them, but they have a rather ghastly odour. Its not like you can eat them in secret, I would know I tried once. My ex hated the smell of them, and wasn't so keen on me puckering up his way if I had indulged. Difficulty was, I really love them. So one particular day wearing gloves I indulged. Operation toothy peg brushing and spraying perfume, I thought I had managed a cover up. He just shouted scampi fries as he came into the kitchen. I knew I should of buried the empty bag at the bottom of the garden. Anyway I have gone off at a tangent. So where was I, oh yes Friday. Well my good intentions were rubbish, leaving the pub to go to the co-op to purchase milk, I found my self going on a detour with my friend which seemed to last to the early hours. Thank heavens I had those scampi fries.

Saturday was relaxing and the activities that day could constitute doing a job round the house. However it was essential that another friend and I went to the farm shop for cooked breakfast before we set off on a ground force day. My garden decked area is now like some sensory experience. Scented flowers and shrubs, bright colours and of course my butterfly tat. Even my vegetables look better, they were slightly neglected, as I had got preoccupied over the last month with someone else. There is more to do, and although my friend felt bad for as she described "taken over", she truly hadn't. I loved her vision about what could be accomplished. Had it not been for her I possibly wouldn't of started it.

Yesterday was supposed to be a relaxed day. Sundays are my favourite days. Pottering, chilling out, reading papers, Sunday lunch and catching up on x factor.  I met my friend for coffee. I was very specific I am only having one latte, he too was very specific I am only staying out for 30 mins.
Then it happened, whilst drinking our coffees we heard a "pop" from the next table. You can't mistake that "pop" sound. I adore that noise and looking at my friends face so does he. It had to be done! So we decided to drink something that made a pop sound.
What he doesn't know about wine isn't worth mentioning, so it was only the right thing to do and embark on a lesson. We needed another  bottle of wine to do that! However we boxed smart and ordered tapas whilst we, or I should say me, listened intently about wine information. Dusk was drawing in and it would of possibly been wise to totter off home. Unfortunately I received a text of another little soiree occurring somewhere else. So off we trotted.

Which brings me to like a virgin! I hate karaoke, simply hate it. The awful noise of those that think they are great and all those ruddy Whitney Houston songs! There I was with my friend wiggling  my arse singing like a virgin in flip flops. It seemed to shout odd bod day out. I was in tears laughing. It was a fun night with laughing that nearly kills you. ending on a grand finale with five girls singing "I am what I am, I am my own special creation" in front of a packed pub just seemed an apt way to end the weekend. I am concerned there is possibly video footage knocking around. 50 p for the one that brings it to me.

Right well I have just put my gloves on, not to eat scampi fries but to cut up beetroot for the dinner I am preparing, so I had better scoot. I still haven't done my house jobs yet and there is a possibility someone is going to want to go for coffee this afternoon. You know how easily distracted I get readers, maybe he can come round and watch me hoover.

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