Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Social Chameleon

Evening readers! I removed my last post as I thought better of it. I also feel I have neglected my blog. Recently I appear to  of been  shunted into a social whirlwind. I can't complain as isn't that what a  single girl about town is all about? However it would appear I am not in the single chick category. exhale, exhale!

I don't know how I as my friend states "became off the market", but well I think I am. When does dating become exclusive? Do you just ask to be exclusive or do you find yourself just as that? I don't like to think about it as when I do I feel slightly faint. I can still feel myself wriggle like a cod stuck in a net if I think about the word girlfriend, so for now I refuse to use it. I know, I know I am bonkers, but it works for me.

Here are some pictures of the ball. It wasn't an all female ball as the pictures suggest, but I didn't see the point of posting a montage. God do I hate having my picture took. I always find I have a touch of the Les Dawson's! Especially when he is in character of the old dear you scoots their boobs up with their elbows whilst chatting over a fence. There is just no escaping them. I could duct tape them down like Barbara Streisand in Yentl, but I worry they will ping out and assault a passer by. Only thing I am appreciative of is that I don't appear to look in my 40's. Thank heavens for small mercies.

Since the night of the ball, I have never been in and if I have I have still been entertaining. I need to remind myself I am not in my 20's. Remember the days when you could go to a club till 2am then still get up to do an early shift? What happened? Ah yes I grew older.

I love my new social gatherings. I have met new friends that enjoy life as much as me. Spending evenings with them where you just can't stop laughing. Tonight I am off to some drinks thing. What the hell defines a drinks thing? It doesn't help its in a forum where I meet the friends of the guy I have been dating. God that's like a forward step. I can talk the hind legs off a donkey and am not shy when talking to strangers, but its in a way where you are defined as the bird their mate brought.

Its only fair as he has met some of my friends, and I kept wandering off to talk to random people and he held his own; always a good sign.

Tomorrow night hopefully brings a beer with a mate I haven't been out with for a while. A mate you can just talk rubbish with and still think you are having an intellectual evening.

Friday is a dinner invite to a work colleagues and I am panicking because its identified plus one. When did I suddenly start getting plus one invites? Is this a good thing? When you are in a long standing relationship its a given that your other half will trawl round with you, essentially the host knows them too, but ruddy plus one. Its like saying we know you are dating, but we don't know his name so errrrr how about you bring plus one? (I feel faint again!)

Well I had better go and get ready and locate the duct tape. I think it may be a requirement as whilst sitting on the bus on the way home next to an old chap he remarked "Oooh them two are lovely". I thought he was referring to the rather noisy children 3 rows behind. Nooooo he wasn't as I turned round to look and I answered "Yes they are lovely", he preceded to to rub his thighs like Vic Reeves summoning the dove from above. It was suddenly crystal clear he was referring to the items up my jumper. So duct tape it is then.

I will write soon of my antics.

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