Wednesday, 13 July 2011

As I lay me down to sleep I pray to god to close my peeps

Since I Moved to Jersey I have had trouble sleeping. Initially it was about a stress response, an overactive mind in bother. Lately I just seem to of got in this routine where I watch a Law and Order omnibus trying to drift off. Maybe its too stimulating and I need to switch to Countryfile.
I have tried lavender, hot milk with nutmeg, counting sheep and other such nonsense.

So it was a welcome moment not having to set the alarm. I had a thoroughly lazy day, periodic naps. (I am getting older its permitted). My mind wandered to being older again, next week I won't be so obsessed.
Certain chronological milestones make you think you should be doing something daring. For me its the casual flirt with getting a tattoo. I KNOW very cliche.
My first notion of this idea was when I turned 30. I even went to the tattoo parlour the day after my 30th party. I wimped out and left with the top of my ear pierced. Seeing them guns and ink, made me think shit this is permanent;one ear piercing please.
So here I am again googling tattoos. I have always been a bit mesmerised with them. Remember those ones you licked and stuck on your arm from the bubblegum wrapper? I wouldn't wash mine off partly because I had to share the bath with my sister. Then in the 1980's you could get them stick on ones, I always had a rose in my cosmetics bag, god how tacky! None of you can comment I have no doubt some of you had those awful rat tails cut into your hair, aka new romantic.
I fancy a half naked lady with butterfly wings a bit burlesque thingy. Maybe I can get a stick on one. I am not concerned with the pain, I am the chick that endured a 4 hour ablation without anaesthetic or analgesia, for fear of concern I couldn't tell them I was arresting. Weird I know, made sense at the time.

The thing that puts me off is that as I age, my skin will change. What was once a hot burlesque chick will look like a cheap hooker with a stroke as she starts to sag. I found a few I liked then imagined where I could have it. Somewhere the chance of sagging is reduced. I arrived at the only places that won't sag are the foot or the earlobe, maybe I can get a tattoo of an ant, less surface area and it isn't going to wander south. I only dallied with the idea briefly as it was nap time again.
Then there is the cost, I need my money for a loaf of bread. So maybe I will revisit it when I am 50, apparently its not far off. Its not exactly on my bucket list but you know, I just fancy being daring.

Well readers I need to warm my milk and spray my lavender. OH MY GOD I AM OLD!!!! TATTOO TATTOO.
Ooooh I wandered to fantasy island then and Ricardo Montalban.

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