Sunday, 10 July 2011


Well here I am writing my first chapter. Why am I doing this? Its cathartic! I have been contributing to a blog under a Nom de Plume and I found it thoroughly entertaining. I own that blog with 4 others and I thought it was about time I did my own. Facebook doesn't do my chapters justice restricting my ability to twitter on in 420 characters.
Will anyone read it, not sure and not sure if I am troubled if no one does. I hope I do get some followers, although followers implies I am as fabulous as Madonna or as sublime as Jesus, and of course I am not.
I have been known to have a witty repartee so we will see. It could transpire this is the twittering of a mad woman.
Its been a year since I moved here and yes readers its been tumultuous. The journey I initially set out on didn't come to be. If you believe in fate one would would say accept your destiny. Me, I say what a crock. Euphemisms such as it only makes you stronger feels like a load of old codswallop. However here I am in my Jersey granite cottage with the sun shining, so perhaps I should be grateful!

Its taken quite the adjustment to find myself having to start all over again, but apparently so my friends tell me if anyone can I can.
I don't want to overload your eyeballs with a lengthy  blog so I will leave it here. I hope to tell amusing stories of how my life meanders along the Jersey coastline filled with adventure. It could all turn out to be a disaster with the insane babbling of how much ruddy bread costs...I sniggered then and spat my coffee.

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