Sunday, 10 July 2011

The modern parlour game..a decline in society or just an all round hoot!

I consider myself lucky as I have friends that do actually enhance my life and  have proven to be like family. Its only when you find yourself in a loop of sobbing and drinking cheap wine from Iceland do you realise who those friends are.
I have many to thank for showing me the colours of life and such a friend is Antonia or Tonionio as I like to call her. Now it could be said, what she introduced me to was less enhancing and more ridiculous but well for me it has provided hilarity.
If anyone has ever been to dinner at hers she spares no expense. I like old fashioned glamour and she still subscribes to dressing for dinner, a veritable feast fit for Bacchus himself and of course the obligatory parlour game.
Although I am sure Trivial pursuits could be cited in divorce court by her lovely Argentinean husband, pass the bomb proved less argumentative.
One evening boys in the dining room talking aeroplanes, sport and other such interesting topics, us girls were about to embark on her latest parlour game. She introduced it by stating she had read about it in the Times. How could it be anything but stimulating, high brow newspaper like that, it had to be the modern parlour game for the intellectual woman? Errr, hmmmnn errrr Chatroulette proved more to be about dodging the penis than cultural conversations about modern art.

The concept is about people chatting and if you don't like them then you just click next . A disposable format of conversation I know and one could argue a decline in manners but how much penis can one endure? That next button was a godsend. 
Lynne  our good catholic friend spent most of it hiding behind a cushion whilst Tonionio shrieked "I got a penis" several times over. Me, well I like to amuse myself, so requesting a chap in a tiny leopard thong, hoover for us because we found it hot, nearly made me have a brain bleed due to hard laughing.

Then I thought could I introduce this concept to my new lovely Jersey girlfriends. Tapas, cocktails, music and chatroulette, yep sounds fun. Come round at 7?
I have to say not to negate my first experience of chatroulette but this time was just more hilarious. Why? Well I am lucky enough to have found friends in Jersey with fab linguistic talents. Such a skill only enabled us to torment more people on chatroulette in many languages. How fun is that? The best part of acceptance is never being "nexted" and we weren't, possibly due to the fact we were 6 giddy girls indulging the bizarre and the odd bods. Do you know there are boys out there that can do a dance whilst rotating their pride and joys at 360 degree angles. I am sure that could make Britain's got talent if he drew a picture of the Hoff on his abdomen.
Yes it is probably not the best way to have a light hearted discussion or for you to have company in the wee small hours. Its not a solitary pastime, as that just makes you odd. However I would recommend you have a peak in a group, its amusing and there are some odd bods out there pretty much like the Britain's got talent initial auditions. We all know we like watching them.
I like to chat and I like difference, why ever would I have got a job working in health care. Go on get some patatas bravas, a margarita and get clicking.

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