Sunday, 24 July 2011

The best things in life are free.

I haven't blogged for the last two days, truth is I have been busy.
OK the title suggests that life is free, I appreciate unless I am referring to the Inkspots interpretation generally everything has a price. I have included the Inkspots so you know what I am referring to. Yes there are comments left referencing the uploader to being a serial killer, but I think they missed the point. The video and the lyrics are simplicity in themselves. For me its a sweet ditty; I like it, but then I am a kook. You be the judge. How do I know about such a random piece of music? Well I know lots about all sorts of random things, things I will share with you readers, in time (sniggers).

Right, where was I? Oh yes the free things in life. Jersey the island of affluence where people come to seek their fortune, live the dream or find Bergerac. I am here because I have skills, that's the only reason they let me in, if they knew the content of my monkey bank that sits on top of the fridge, they might deport me back.
For all those who think that I pay no tax, and everything is cheap, well not only is that a fib, I am living on an island where I even have to pay more for my Jersey potatoes. I was educated not to talk about money, politics or religion so I will swiftly move on.

Its lovely to get dressed up, dine in a swanky restaurant, attend the theatre, drink champagne pay extortionate amount for cabs home (another Jersey bugbear of mine!) BUT a good night is not the measure of the luxury experienced.

I can honestly say, the last two days have been the best days in my short Jersey life. Why? Well let me share.
Friday evening I went to a friends for dinner; a girlie night of four.The host had gone to tremendous trouble, cooking up an Indian banquet fit for a Maharaja. No dress code required just a sense of humour. She was a warm host she didn't even mind when I dropped the mango chutney on the floor, it wasn't my fault the dish had a wonky handle! It was a night where dancing in your bare feet didn't look out of place.

Two of my girlies are in their 20's I can just about keep up and they don't take no for an answer. Its a good thing. The craze here is Zumba, an exercise dance routine. So tummy full of lovely food there I was shaking my arse, having a 20 year old teaching me to do all the actions. Its so infectious I am now signing up. My 20's were all about salsa class, I was transported to that time and I loved it. Any movement that requires hip shaking, for those that know me is well its very me (Not that kind of hip movement, busters!).
It was time to call it a night when my pal demonstrated her ability to lean on one hand and hold her body in a graceful mid air pose, part of her Capoeira skills. Of course I could of attempted it (coughs) but I had a naan bread still waiting to be digested.

Saturday was a very different day, it was an inpromptu visit to another friends. Her house is amazing, its full of life, colour and one of the most welcoming places to be. When I arrived there was wall to wall cupcakes, brownies and other delightful sweet treats. A full on bakeathon. Her daughter and pal were home from University and the bakethon was all about raising money for Moscow for participating in a world rowing event. how exciting is that? So we all mucked in, my job was to make icing bags. I know that's not rock and roll, but it was a hive of chatter and busy bee-ing. There is something exhilarating about being in the company of youngsters (Golly I sound old). There is an openness you don't get with closely guarded grown ups.
Dinner was amazing, my pal has the best kitchen garden you could ever imagine. Enjoying a salad with lemon verbena and nasturtium flowers  was just exquisite. I love to eat what I grow, so I have been propelled on to widen my own kitchen garden.

By contrast they were two very different days, each with their own wonder. The inkspots identified below what they felt were the best things in life that were free.

The moon belongs to everyone
The best things in life are free
The stars belong to everyone
They gleam for you and me

My interpretation

Laughing hard, smiling ear to ear and shaking your ass baby, shaking your ass
The best things in life are free

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  1. Isn't it funny how different we are,
    me in a vest and you in a bra
    Years are between us but when we were small,
    you were the wee one and I was quite tall

    Remember the Brunswick? the big market cafe
    I'd pour salt in my tea,my God did you laugh
    Then Mum came along and said to drink up
    but I can't drink it mum, Irene's put salt in me cup!!!