Sunday, 10 July 2011

Dating...god do I have to?

Its no secret readers I have come out of a long term relationship, and for that I am terribly sad. I have been told its been a year and I have to get on with it before I am left on the shelf...charming I say.
I have dated since the split but I am not ready for anything as part of me is still occupied by someone else.

However who doesn't like dating? I have to say  the pre date primping is a bit stressful. I mean do you think having your feet eaten by fish is a bit excessive as part of your getting ready routine? Whats wrong with a bit of lippy and a posh frock?
10 years with the same person sort of makes embarking on a venture with another slightly daunting. You know me I am a confident chicklet and my pal Annette will tell you I have never had trouble getting boys. I am not that same 25 year old though.
I should think myself lucky that I am in a different country. I can reinvent myself as a sophisticate or a care free chick or even as a cougar. Perhaps not a cougar as I have a mental image of Liz from Edinburgh on Come Dine With Me. She had a tight perm and a t shirt with I love Spain, her boobs looked like they were sniffing for floor truffles. There she is luscious Liz as she called her self. One thing is for sure she had spirit and was quite adorable. She was a bit bonkers but you couldn't help but like her as she caterwauled " I am a cougar baby".

You boys aren't aware of the plucking, waxing, shaving, the covering up grey and creaming (errr sounds dodgy..its the application of cream to ones body to result in soft skin) one has to endure. I am thinking of getting vajazzled saying you are lucky to be here!

I think I have a cuteness that's a bit special and yes I do mean window licker. I think its endearing. I am sharper than most knives in the box and if required I can purr on demand. Getting a feather stuck in my throat whilst burlesquing proved that. (OK it was more like choking on a fur ball..but we all have fantasies).
The recent "get left on the shelf" remark didn't make me rush out for some Veet and a newly printed call me cougar tight tee but made me reflect that I am actually sort of happy. There are blokes out there who are delightful, I have met them. So what's the rush? I can flirt insanely, bat my eyelids attempt my purr but does it really matter I am not shacked up with two ankle biters?

So I will continue the odd date as I have. I met a guy whilst dancing with a kebab in my handbag so it could be that its more care in the community rather than dating but who cares.

Someone recently said to me "You have spirit". I think that's it in essence what I do have and no matter how hard life gets it won't dampen. Generally I love my life and all that's in it. The last time a total stranger saw my tuppence it was flashing whilst having my femoral artery compressed during my ablation. Maybe its moments like that, that make you realise whats important and having spirit is indeed whats important.

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  1. I had never heard of vajazzled until you told me about made me laugh then, and its made me laugh now. This post had me laughing out loud and I look forward to the next one :)