Sunday, 31 July 2011

You shall go to the ball

Its been a very interesting weekend so far readers, starting with the hospital ball last night. It was truly fab with all kinds of people there in their finery.

It was held at The Boat House  in St. Aubin. The very place where Bergerac was filmed. It was the perfect setting over looking the harbour, very continental.

I have lived here in Jersey for one year now. Its a small community where I have got to know people reasonably well, but when you are slamming tequila you get to know people better. I love balls (I giggled childishly then), just the old fashioned glamour, you can't beat it. 

For those that know me well, they will be aware I gave up television approximately 4 years ago. It became boring (well excluding come dine with me, but god bless 4OD). Each evening just returning from work and switching the goggle box on, why just watch rubbish when you can discover the magic of reading? I am serious !! Not having a television meant making more of an effort with time, investing in conversation and just getting out and doing things.

For me its idyllic but its not without its limitations. I engaged in a conversation last night for a reasonable amount of time with someone who had been earlier introduced to me as a newscaster here in jersey. I didn't know who he was, everyone else did. I just had to stand there and say "errr I don't have a tele". The shock of people's reactions was as though I had said I can't read or write. He was very charming though.
I am a fan of newscasters, its not that I am not but I am just not up to date. Also to be honest Trevor MacDonald is the man for me. Some of you will recall when I bid a ridiculous amount for his poetry books. Trevor remained framed on my coffee table for a very long time until my Columbo fetish reared its head again.

Its not the first time I have made a celebrity faux pas. I had to tend to a chaps head.. The charge nurse kept going passed the cubicle and coughing something under his breath. I wasn't getting it. The patient exclaimed did I not know who he was. it came to me " ahh yes that guy from Monty Python and the Holy Grail". Errr it was in fact R2 D2, and that's what the charge nurse had been coughing. I was slightly mortified.

Anyway I digress the pictures of the ball will be in Jersey Weekly, the equivalent to Lancashire Life. I will post when I get them.

This morning I woke up to my usual "pings" on the Internet dating site. Just the run of the mill men not wearing their anoraks whilst sat at there PC's. However I have news readers I went on a date and I have to say he was normal, and exceptionally funny. It was an original date too. we went for an ice cream and sat over looking Bonne Nuit bay. Of course I didn't have an ice cream I opted for a can of pop as I apply the same principle that you shouldn't have spaghetti bolognese on a first date, who knows where the flake from my 99 would of ended up! I liked it, it was unassuming and you just cant argue with that view.
We will have to see what happens, but I will keep you posted but so far so good. The best part was he was fully clothed and didn't look like shrek. Maybe baby Jesus is answering my prayers and he has been sent to disband my David Attenborogh fan club.

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